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29 Aug 2019

What do you mean by Front-end, Back-end and Full-stack Developer?

In the technology industry, there were only two popular words that are web designer and web development. Web designers used to design the website and web developer used to write the code to make the website work. But as the industry is growing, the work is also increasing and there is specialization in every field. Everyone must have come across these job title, i.e. front-end, back-end and full-stack developer. Many quest  Read More

java programming language
31 Jul 2019

Reasons Why You Should Learn Java?

One of the most fundamental programming languages is Java. In the industry, there is a huge list of programming language existing with their pros and cons. Java is one of the best programming language ruling the industry for over the past 20 years. It is one of the highly-used languages worldwide. According to the TIOBE index for July 2019 java is the top programming language till date. It is ruling the technology world for   Read More

web designing
30 Jul 2019

What is web designing and its future scope?

Web Designing has become an important organizational function with the increase in need for organizations to establish their online presence. Organizations are demanding for web designing teams. So, now web designing is gaining more and more popularity in India and has become a great career option. A lot of young enthusiasts are enrolling in design institutes to get certification of being an expert in Web design. If you are interested in web designing then select the   Read More

22 Jul 2019

Reasons to learn Python

Python is considered to be an easy and a high-level programming language. Beginner and experienced programmer can learn it because its syntax is similar to English. Beginner can learn python because it is simple to learn and read. Experienced programmer who are interested in Machine learning or Data science can learn python because it will add an advantage to their skills. It is most trending programming language and many big organizations are using python programm  Read More

11 Jul 2019

Insert/Update/Delete (CRUD) using PHP/MySqli

  STEP 1: We will create form and mention method="post" action=" " [php dark="true"] <form method="post" action=""> First name:<input type="text" name ="f_name"></br></br> Last name:<input type="text" name="l_name"></br></br> E  Read More

28 Jun 2019

Top Benefits and Importance of PHP Language

PHP is presently a renowned server-side scripting language that keeps running on a web server; it is on the grounds that PHP as a web development choice is secure, quick and dependable and offers various favorable circumstances. It is a well-known scripting language utilized by a large portion of the web developers, to upgrade the capacities and presence of the sites. It is primarily known to make dynamic pages.   Read More

25 Jun 2019

All Benefits of Choosing PHP Training In Kolkata

PHP is a mainstream server-side HTML installed scripting language broadly used to compose dynamic site pages effectively and rapidly. It is an exceptionally prevalent open source programming for making dynamic web pages. This is a flexible and profoundly able scripting language. PHP offers plenty of advantages for making website pages. In any case, the inquiry is the means by which PHP training in Kolkata can help you in  Read More

24 Jun 2019

Here are the Top 10 Reasons To Choose PHP For Web Development

PHP is one in all the preeminent cherished and normal server-side scripting dialects that square measure generally utilized for making sites. With speedier pivot time, expanded security and moderateness, PHP has turned into the most well-known determination of site designers.   PHP is all time favorite for web designers in Kolkata. It offers them the expansiveness to make exceptionally intelligent and natural sites and web applications with straightforward execution.   Read More

29 May 2019

PHP 7.0 Updates

After over 10 years with no real moves up to the language, PHP 7 made its introduction in December 2015. Since this overhaul brings such a significant number of huge changes after so long, the way toward adjusting to it tends to threaten.   In any case, there are many motivations to change over to PHP 7, especially on the off chance that you use WordPress. The base PHP prerequisites for WordPress centre have expanded, and numerous modules and topics may before long turned out to be in  Read More

29 May 2019

Learning Techniques For JAVA : Professional Java Training

Java is one of those dialects that some may state is hard to learn, while others feel that it has a similar expectation to absorb information as different dialects. The two perceptions are right.   Nonetheless, Java has an extensive high ground over most dialects as a result of its stage autonomous nature. Java, being a low-level language, lays the usage of calculations in a straightforward way and gives you a chance to comprehend the nuts and bolts; it is additionally at the same tim  Read More