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26 Mar 2022

The reason behind people chooses PHP Websites in 2022

Websites became necessary in our businesses. And According to the latest report, in 2022, more than 1.74 billion websites have been promoted, and the number is rapidly increasing every day. Website owners constantly search for the best framework or programming language that will help them to up their webpages from the compe  Read More

3 Aug 2021

What is explode function in PHP ? Lets check with practical examples

In our PHP training institute in Kolkata students often ask what is explode function and how we can use it. I will show you why to uses explode function and where to use it. And how to use it practically. Explode is a PHP function which is used to convert to string into array. The important point here is that the string must be uniformly delimiter. It can be comma, it can be space or it can be any special character. Example: $names =  ‘Rajesh,karim,Mariyam  Read More

25 Mar 2021

Top 10 Most Demanding Programming Languages in 2021

  There are several programming languages out there, but choosing the relevant one is a challenging task. Don't worry, and we have prepared a list of the top 10 programming languages in 2021 for you. It will help you to make your decision quickly. Let's have a look at the below programming languages: 

  • JavaScript: 

  Read More

24 Feb 2021

Why learn React Native

React Native is a web-based framework which uses JavaScript library to create dynamic web applications both for Android and iOS apps with just a single block of code. Whether you are a developer looking for upgradation of your skills or an Entrepreneur looking for digital improvisation in your online business, you must learn the fundamentals of React Native and avail its numerous benefits. And if you want to learn Professional  Read More

20 Feb 2021

Digital Marketing Trend in 2021

Year 2020 has seen an upheaval in almost every sector of the business because of Covid-19. In spite of all the odds and hardships faced by businesses and people, Digital marketing managed to survive. E-Commerce business also saw a steep nosedive but not as much as the local and physical markets because most of the people preferred staying at home and buying from online store rather than risking their lives exposing to the COVID-19 virus. This way Digital Marketing proved to be   Read More

29 Aug 2019

What do you mean by Front-end, Back-end and Full-stack Developer?

In the technology industry, there were only two popular words that are web designer and web development. Web designers used to design the website and web developer used to write the code to make the website work. But a  Read More

31 Jul 2019

Reasons Why You Should Learn Java?

One of the most fundamental programming languages is Java. In the industry, there is a huge list of programming language existing with their pros and cons. Java is one of the best programming language ruling the industry for over the past 20 years. It is one of the highly-used languages worldwide. According to the TIOBE index  Read More

30 Jul 2019

What is web designing and its future scope?

Web Designing has become an important organizational function with the increase in need for organizations to establish their online presence. Organizations are demanding for web designing teams. So, now web designing is gaining more and more popularity in India and has become a great career option. A lot of young enthusiasts are enrolling in design institutes to get certification of being an expert in   Read More

22 Jul 2019

Reasons to learn Python

Python is considered to be an easy and a high-level programming language. Beginner and experienced programmer can learn it because its syntax is similar to English. Beginner can learn python because it is simple to learn and read. Experienced programmer who are interested in Machine learning or Data science can learn python because it will add an advantage to their skills. It is most trending programming language and many big organizations are using python programm  Read More

11 Jul 2019

Insert/Update/Delete (CRUD) using PHP/MySqli

  STEP 1: We will create form and mention method="post" action=" " [php dark="true"] <form method="post" action=""> First name:<input type="text" name ="f_name"></br></br> Last name:<input type="text" name="l_name"></br></br> E  Read More