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Why learn React Native


React Native is a web-based framework which uses JavaScript library to create dynamic web applications both for Android and iOS apps with just a single block of code. Whether you are a developer looking for upgradation of your skills or an Entrepreneur looking for digital improvisation in your online business, you must learn the fundamentals of React Native and avail its numerous benefits. And if you want to learn Professional React Native Course in Kolkata, you are at right place.

Here are top ten reasons for imbibing the React Native –


  • React Native is declarative-

    Embracing JavaScript as core document, React Native is highly efficient and declarative language and it doesn’t require the necessary syntax. In case of app development, you don’t have to state the requirements, in fact you just need to declare what would like to happen and react will perform its job which is entrusted to it.

  • It makes app development easier and simpler-

    Previously this phrase was commonly employees with JavaScript known as WORA (write once, run everywhere) but with react it has gotten new meaning. That is, learn once and write anywhere so basically with React, you just need to

Use one codebase and you can build multiple applications on numerous platforms with greater base of audience.

  • The community of react is amazing

    – React has got plethora of communities of professional and dedicated developers in which the beginners can exchange their ideas and views and it also helps to be aware about the new features incorporated in React and keep abreast about the blastiest developments. Certain tools such as React Profiler also makes the community grow stronger.

  • It is all about using reusable components

    – React is quite unique as it helps in breaking the user interface into smaller chunks and building reusable components which can edits the changes in virtual DOM rather than the original DOM (Document object model) and the user can experience different UI designs.

  • React is utilised by larger

    organizations– Developed by Facebook in 2015, it has certainly grabbed the attention of larger enterprises such as Microsoft, Airbnb, Skype, Walmart, Salesforce and Pininterest in which new features are constantly updated them to create interactive and user-friendly apps.

  • React is SEO friendly-

    Although React Native is not SEO friendly but its components are easier for Google to navigate but very soon with the addition and enhancement of React with more features it will become search engine optimised.

  • React fully enfolds JavaScript

    – The whole development of web and desktop applications is being guided along the lines of JavaScript and React Native has the capacity to fully utilise the features of JavaScript and no matter what challenges are thrown, react comes to forefront to confront it and gives you better user experience.

  • React Native does not form opinions-

    React is unopinionated as it doesn’t force you a set of rules to follow through, instead the choice is completely yours and it adapts dynamically as per the requirements of user. This is only possible if you know how to play with JavaScript and making new innovations with it.

  • React gives the leverage of increasing your earnings-

    React has quickly become the frontrunner now with its excellent features, powerful JavaScript library, improved speed in delivering faster results in building efficient app and saving manpower resources. All this makes React best choice for web designers and developers for future and it will greatly maximise their earning potential as more and more organisations are embracing React Native in their technological advancements.

  • React has better learning curve-

    Unlike other frameworks which are currently being intruded in the development of web applications, React is easy to learn in practicality. With the core foundation strong in JavaScript, any developer can build beautiful and customised apps in no time.

  • React demands little to no changes-

    The client-side development industry is changing in fraction of seconds with new innovations being emerging out and the frameworks rapidly updated and this trend can be observed in the last five years. But not all companies can withstand the pace of innovations and here React comes to their rescue as it doesn’t remove their features and API’S very often so it maintains previous compatibility with the other frameworks used in the past.
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